I’m Soren Bjornstad (American pronunciation: /ˈsɔrən ˈbjoʊrn.stæd/), software developer, computer geek, writer, and musician.

I work at Federated Insurance in Owatonna, Minnesota, recommending and implementing development software and tools and advising other developers in the I.S. department on their work as it relates to these tools.

When I’m not at work or making music by myself or at my church, I enjoy fiddling endlessly with my computer setup, practicing my typing or handwriting skills, cooking, baking, and canning, writing prose, reading in psychology and philosophy and a wide variety of other topics, and collecting and organizing quotations and stories from my life.

I write about technology weekly on Control-Alt-Backspace, and I maintain a number of educational resources on TiddlyWiki, including my online textbook Grok TiddlyWiki and some videos on my YouTube channel. You can find a large volume of other thoughts in various stages of completeness in the public portions of my Zettelkasten (have a look over there for details on what that is).