I’m Soren Bjornstad (American pronunciation: /ˈsɔrən ˈbjoʊrn.stæd/; pronouns: he/him/his), software developer, information systems designer, computer geek, writer, and musician.

I currently work at RemNote, developing a new learning tool that combines notes, flashcards, and other features. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I write about technology and our relationship to it on Control-Alt-Backspace, and I maintain a number of educational resources on TiddlyWiki, including my online textbook Grok TiddlyWiki and some videos on my YouTube channel. Most of my writing by volume goes into Mosaic Muse, a big repository of notes that some people might call a Zettelkasten or digital garden or second brain. Some of the best and most mature ideas eventually migrate out to other places, but you can visit the source at any time to virtually pick my brain about some topic or explore what I’m currently working on, and many people have found it useful in its own right.

You can find my current priorities on my now page.

In my free time, I enjoy collecting and exploring ideas in my various notes systems, cooking, baking, and canning, playing music, writing, reading a wide variety of books, and hiking or boating around Minnesota.