I’m Soren Bjornstad (American pronunciation: /ˈsɔrən ˈbjoʊrn.stæd/; pronouns: he/him/his), software developer, information systems designer, computer geek, writer, and musician.

I currently work at RemNote, developing a new learning tool that combines notes, flashcards, and other features. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In my free time, I enjoy collecting and exploring ideas in my Zettelkasten, cooking, baking, and canning, playing music, writing blog posts, reading a wide variety of books, and hiking or boating around Minnesota. You can find my current priorities on my now page.

I write about technology and our relationship to it on Control-Alt-Backspace, and I maintain a number of educational resources on TiddlyWiki, including my online textbook Grok TiddlyWiki and some videos on my YouTube channel. I also maintain a public Zettelkasten (others use the similar terms digital garden or second brain), in which I keep thoughts about everything under the sun. You can visit it to virtually “pick my brain” about some topic without bothering me, or to explore what I’m currently working on.