You can send email to (mailto link). I check my personal email once or twice a day; if I'm gone for more than a day or two, I ordinarily leave an autoresponse message with details about my vacation and options for contacting me about time-sensitive matters.

If you use some form of OpenPGP, encrypted mail is accepted and encouraged; my public key is here.


You can call me through Google Voice. If I’m busy when you call, please leave a message and I will answer it at the earliest possible opportunity.

Instead of publishing my personal phone number on the web, I provide this callback tool, which will call you at the number you provide and then connect you to my phone.


If you are Facebook friends with me and prefer Facebook messages to email, I check them about as often and am okay communicating that way instead. If I am not already your friend on Facebook, please do not try to contact me through Facebook; it will probably be months before I see your message.

I do not generally accept friend requests from people I have not met in person or people whose relationship to me is purely professional.

Snail mail

I gladly accept letters, packages, and other (non-junk) mail. If you do not already have my address, please send an email requesting it and I will be happy to provide it.